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National Museum of Slavery

The Angolan National Museum of Slavery (or Museu Nacional da Escravatura in Portugese) was founded by the National Institute of Cultural Patrimony in 1997. Its main aim is to depict the history of slavery in Angola. The museum is situated in a chapel which once belonged to Álvaro de Carvalho Matoso, one of the largest Portugese slave-traders in the eighteenth century. It is also next door to Capela da Casa Grande, a seventeenth-century structure which was once used for baptising enslaved Africans before they were shipped to the Americas. The museum has a large collection of items that were utilised in the slave trade, as well as items relating to African culture pre- and post- transatlantic slave trade and a vast photography collection. Situated 15.5 miles outside the city of Luanda, the museum forms an extraordinary landmark along the "Slave's Route."

While the museum itself is realtively modest, it's aim is a big one; 'it is a testament and a reminder of the history of the Angolan people who lived in the day of slavery and it stands as a monument to those who suffered and were affected by slavery.' The narrative in the museum focusses predominantly on Portugal, the main European slave trader in the Angola region. It provides a contextual history of the Atlantic Slave Trade, as well as highlighting slavery in Africa before the involvement of Europeans.

Villa of Portuguese family resident at Loanda

Interior of old Dutch church, Loanda

Interior of old Dutch church, Loanda. Long since disused, now undergoing repairs

Tablet of blue and white mosaic in old Dutch church at Loanda, depicting battle with natives

Offices of wealthy Portuguese merchant in Loanda

Old Dutch church, Loanda, built during Dutch occupation in 1664

Tablet over porch of old Dutch church, Loanda, 1664

Railway bridge over Catumbella River

Cotton plantation at Catumbella, Angola

Railway bridge over Catumbella River, Angola

Catholic schools, built by wealthy Portuguese lady resident in Loanda

Bridge over the lagoon at Lobito Bay

No caption [tablet of blue and white mosaic in old Dutch church at Loanda, depicting battle with natives [same image as B17, image 40]

Chimpanzee at Cabenda

Boat building shed at Loanda

A road in Benguella

Bullock carts in Loanda

Cattle at Loanda

In the hinterland of Benguella