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"Servicaes", graveyard on cocoa roço. San Thomé

A baobab tree with pigeon cotes on trunk. Fruit of the tree eaten by Mohammedans

A Baringa paddler – famous for his boat songs

A bowl of white water-lilies, Maringa

A bunch of young bananas with edible purple seed lobe

A chief on the Ikelemba, who entertained Mr. and Mrs. Harris in his compound

A Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.


A Congo chief with a few of his reputed 1000 wives

A Congo forest fruit, considered by the natives to resemble the imported pineapple, to which they give the same name

A cool spring of clearest water at Ikau, upper Congo

A dam in construction across the Catumbella River

A difficult tramp through the Ikelemba – Juapa watershed

A field of white water-lilies, Maringa River

A group of Congo women

A loop of a giant vine, Ikelemba forest

A maize field on the Kasai

A mango tree with fruit Leopoldville

A missionary's house at Yalemba, Stanley Falls District. Material imported from Europe

A road in Benguella

A road in Benguella